Teaching Evaluations and Syllabuses

  • (New! 05-05-2023) Teaching Evaluations with kind comments for the CU Boulder Spring 2023 and Fall 2022 courses [Intro. to Prob. and Stats.[Sprin 2023] Very kind comments! Lin. Algebra for Non-Maths Majors. ] Important score: 4.81/5 [Intro. to Prob. and Stats. Important score: 4.56/5
  • (New! 11-11-2022) Anonymous surveys for CU Boulder Fall 2022 courses [Lin. Algebra for Non-Maths Majors] [Intro. to Prob. and Stats. ]
  • (New! 22-08-2022) Teaching Evaluations for 'Calculus' summer course (course leader and lecturer) [PDF]
  • (21-05-2021) Teaching Evaluations 'Mathematics for Economics 2' for NYU New York students (course leader) [PDF]
  • Teaching Evaluations (University of Oxford and NYU Shanghai (both in class and online)) [PDF]
  • Model Rough Path Theory Course Syllabus [PDF]
  • Model Precalculus Syllabus (mixed-mode) [PDF]
  • Calculus Summer Course 2022(online) [PDF]

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